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"There are things that can be forgotten. And things that cannot—that sit on dusty shelves like stuffed birds with baleful, sideways staring eyes."

- Arundhati Roy - 

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Hi, I’m Caro. I have pretty bad eyesight—it’s an occupational hazard. I spent my childhood stealing batteries from TV remotes so I could read by torchlight after my parents enforced a sensible bedtime, and most of my professional life revolves around collecting, inventing and elevating stories—mine, or other people’s.

Notebooks are extraordinary things. As a journalist, my notebook was my ticket into other people’s lives and loungerooms and I spent the early years of my career interviewing everyone from prostitutes to politicians, criminals to pop-culture idols. Then, I got the notebook back out and turned to fiction as a way of telling the stories that stuck with me, years later. The ones too strange and magical to preserve in newsprint, and too important to forget.  


I co-wrote the Aussie bestseller Larrimah, the Walkley Award-winning podcast series Lost in Larrimah and am the co-author of Writing Feature Stories: How to research and write articles—from listicles to longform. I teach digital journalism at the University of Queensland.

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