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Lost in Larrimah

An outback town. A missing man.

And 12 people who mostly hate each other.

* Walkley Award for Best Radio/Audio Feature (2018)

* NT Media Award for Best Television/Radio Current Affairs or Feature (2018)

* Highly commended for NT Media Awards Journalist/Photojournalist of the Year 2018   

* Finalist for the Quills Award for Podcasting (2018)

* Finalist for an Australian Podcasting Award for Investigative Journalism (2019)

Once in a lifetime, a story gets so deeply under your skin that you know you’re going to lie awake for the rest of your life thinking about it. For Kylie Stevenson and me, this is that story.


When 70-year-old Paddy Moriarty and his dog both vanish from the Australian outback town of Larrimah, population 12, it's as if they've walked out the back door and been swallowed up by the landscape. Paddy's hat, keys and bank card are on the table. His  dinner is ready to be heated up. There is no sign of a struggle.


Detectives suspect foul play, and suddenly the whole town—and everything that has happened there—is relevant to the investigation. And what police find is pretty strange. A pink pub. A no-eyed croc. Sinkholes. A town feud. A 75-year-old pie-maker with a grudge. A missing train. Wild donkeys. A ghost town. And a lot of history. 

Lost in Larrimah is a six-part investigative podcast series published by The Australian. It is part true-crime investigation and part tribute—not just to a person who disappeared, but also to a disappearing town and the way of life it represents.

The full series is available on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or The Australian's website: 



Larrimah Pink Panther.jpg


“Lost in Larrimah is a complex, textured and engaging series that’s brimming with character. … In its reporting and execution, the series demonstrates a high level of originality.

—  Walkley Award judges' comments

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